Matt Aucoin

Acoustic Guitar and Vocals

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I am a singer/songwriter who has recently moved back to Massachusetts from southern New Hampshire. Although active for many years with various bands, I now play and sing predominantly as a solo, concentrating on my original music

I have an active song list of over seventy five songs. I enjoy an occasional night in a club, but my favorite setting is a private party. I also love hosting open mic nights.

The songs available here were recorded strictly for copywrite purposes. These days my big push is on the finished recording of the entire CD. Hopefully some of this will be available soon. Stay tuned...


Gone and back again in the same day... Yes folks we're going to continue open mic night at Cusano's. Christine has finally convinced me that we can do this. We really would miss it all too much so we're going to make the time. Hopefully, we'll see you there. Cusano's is located at 1768 Main St., Tewksbury, MA. This is right across the street from Picadilly Pub and the Post Office. Their phone number is: (978) 863-9036 Their website is: We'll see you there, Matt & Christine